Hi there, my name is Shannon Dees and I've been making video games since 2001. I've been lucky enough to have worked on a great many titles in different capacities, Artist, Art Lead, Art Director, Manager and Producer. I worked as a Professor of Art in Video Game design at SMU Guildhall for a stint as well. I also owned and operated a small company called Joypop.

Giantbomb has a list of most of the games I've contributed to, but here's a fuller list that includes games that didn't actually ship and my contributions to them (in somewhat chronological order). Not included are a laundry list of Prototypes that for one reason or another never got past the prototype phase, yet were insanely fun for me to have played a part in:

  1. 4x4 Evo 2 - Art
  2. BloodRayne - Art
  3. BloodRayne 2 - Art Lead, Art
  4. Cartoon Network Speedway - Art
  5. Blowout - Art
  6. RoadKill - Art
  7. Demonik (as seen in the movie Grandma's Boy) - Art
  8. Brother's In Arms: Road to Hill 30 - Art
  9. Brother's In Arms: Earned In Blood - Art Lead, Art
  10. Brother's In Arms: Hell's Highway - Art Director, Art
  11. Halo: MMO (unshipped) - Art
  12. Halo Wars - Art
  13. Chess with Friends - Art and code for HTML help pages
  14. Words with Friends - Art and code for HTML help pages
  15. We Rule - Art Director, Art
  16. Newtoy City (became Cityville Mobile) - Art Director, Art
  17. Hanging with Friends - Art Director, Art
  18. Scramble with Friends - Art and code for HTML help pages
  19. Running with Friends (currently called Stampede Run) - Art
  20. Gems with Friends - Art Director, Art
  21. Matching with Friends - Art and code for HTML help pages
  22. Creativerse - Art Director, Art
  23. Lucky's Tale - Art Director, Art
  24. Lava Rush - Manger, Producer, Art Director, Art

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